Uncontested Divorce in Louisville, KY

Not every divorce is adversarial. In some situations, a couple is able to come to an agreement on the division of marital property and debt, the restoration of nonmarital and premarital property, and issues relating to their children. If a couple is able to reach an agreement on their own, uncontested divorce may be right for them. In an uncontested divorce, the attorney prepares all of the documents for both parties, based on their agreement. Filing an uncontested divorce can reduce the cost, stress, and time typically associated with a contentious divorce.
Together the parties will agree on how their affairs are to be settled, and the attorney will draft all of the documents, for both parties, required in the divorce. The agreement entered in to by the parties will become an Order of Court, and is therefore enforceable with the Court, and subject to sanctions for Contempt of Court if the Orders are not followed.
In Jefferson County, Kentucky, and most other counties in Kentucky, the parties are not required to go to Court. The lawyer drafts the documents for the parties and files them with the Court once the parties have signed them.
Because the attorney who is drafting the documents only represents one party in the divorce action, the other party may consider have outside counsel review their documents.
If you have questions regarding an uncontested divorce contact Durrett & Kersting today.

Is Uncontested Divorce right for me? To discuss the specifics of your case and determine if uncontested divorce is right for you, contact Durrett & Kersting today. It is possible for any couple to do an uncontested divorce, however couples who do not have children, couples who have only been married a short period of time, or couples who do not have many assets or debt are more likely to be able to do an uncontested divorce. Contact our office today to discuss the specifics of your case.

How long does an uncontested divorce take? For couples who do not have children, an uncontested divorce can be completed as quickly as the parties can reach their agreement and get the papers signed. For couples that have children 60 days must pass after the filing of the case before a divorce decree can be signed. The parties must also attend Families In Transition class if they have children. Contact your Louisville Family Lawyer to discuss your uncontested divorce.

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