Kentucky Traffic Offense Lawyer

Any time you operate a motor vehicle, you run the possibility of violating traffic laws, which can lead to a traffic offense.  There are many types of traffic offenses and associated penalties that can occur in Kentucky.  If you receive a traffic offense and need the assistance of a traffic offense lawyer in Louisville, look no further than Durrett & Kersting Law, PLLC.  Our traffic offense lawyers have years of experience assisting clients with traffic offense cases and the associated penalties.

Types of Offenses

There are a few categories of traffic offenses that you can receive in Kentucky, and within those categories, there are a few different types of offenses, including:

  • Speeding offenses include any violations involving speeding while operating a motor vehicle. These offenses range from speeding 10 mph over the speed limit to speeding upwards of 26 mph over the speed limit.
  • Moving offenses include any a variety of violations that can occur while operating a motor vehicle. Some of these violations include failure to illuminate or dim headlights, driving too slow or too fast for road conditions, following a vehicle or an emergency vehicle too closely, failure or improper signaling, improper passing or lane usage, or disregard of traffic control devices, traffic lights, stop signs, railroad crossings or right of ways.
  • Driver’s license, registration or insurance offenses include violations pertaining to having an invalid or incorrect driver’s license, registration or insurance. A few potential offenses include failure to be in possession of a driver’s license, registration or insurance, operating a motor vehicle with an expired or suspended licenses, improper registration or insurance, improper display of registration or license plate or failure to notify the Department of Transportation of address changes.
  • Parking Offenses include any violations related to parking a motor vehicle, including improper parking, parking in a fire lane, parking in a handicap zone, leaving a motor vehicle running unattended or abandoning a vehicle on a public road.
  • Vehicle Equipment Offenses include any offenses related to the motor vehicle, such as missing headlights, taillights or brake lights, missing rearview or side mirrors, not illuminating the license plate, or excessive window tinting.
  • Miscellaneous Traffic Offenses include any other possible violations that could occur while operating a motor vehicle, including failure to wear a seatbelt, failure to use child restraint devices, and many more.

Types of Penalties

Each traffic offense can be associated with penalties depending on the severity of the offense and the number of convictions.   Common penalties include monetary fines ranging from $200 to $500 for the first conviction, $350 to $500 for the second conviction, or $500 to $1,000 for the third conviction.  After the third conviction, an offense could be considered a Class D felony and can result in jail time.  Penalties can also include points added to your driving record depending on the offense.

Other penalties that can also be invoked with traffic offense include insurance increases based on the point system.  Often, insurance companies use point systems to determine your driving habits, and thus your insurance costs.  Also, if you accumulate too many points, your license could be suspended, revoked or cancelled.

If you have been charges with a traffic offense contact a lawyer to protect your rights today.

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