Non-Parental Custody in Louisville, KY

There are a wide variety of circumstances that can occur that may result in a non-parent stepping into a parental role. If you currently have a child in your care who is not your biological child, or you wish to gain custody of a non-biological child, contact the attorneys at Durrett & Kersting, PLLC to discuss your options today. The attorneys in our office are experienced in handling cases involving de facto custodianship, grandparents' rights, termination of parental rights, step-parent adoption, adoption and Child Protective Services cases.

De Facto Custodianship When a non-parent takes responsibility for a child and provides for them physically and financially for an extended period of time, the non-parent may be eligible for De Facto Custodian status. If granted De Facto Custodianship of the child, the non-parent has the same rights and abilities as a biological parent, including legal decision making power and the right to collect Child Support. If you believe you may qualify as a De Facto Custodian, and would like to discuss your potential rights, contact your Louisville family lawyer today. Grandparent's Rights In the state of Kentucky grandparent's rights are limited, but do exist. Grandparents who have been excluded from the lives of their grandchildren may have the right to a set visitation schedule if the Court determines it is in the child's best interest to see the grandparents. The lawyers at Durrett & Kersting are experienced in representing parties on both sides of grandparent's rights cases. Contact your Louisville family lawyer today for a free consultation. Child Protective Services (CPS) Few things in life are scarier than the thought of having your children taken away by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CPS). If you are being investigated by the Cabinet, have received a petition for Dependency, Abuse and Neglect, are scheduled for a facilitated staffing, or are in the midst of a case with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) contact your Louisville family lawyer today to discuss your rights. Adoption Whether it is private adoption, international adoption, foster parent adoption, or adoption after termination of parental rights, each case has its own unique set of facts and requires individualized attention of an attorney who is dedicated to the formation of your family. Contact Durrett & Kersting for a free consultation. Terminiation of Parental Rights The termination of parental rights can be either voluntary, or involuntary. If the termination is voluntary, the Court typically requires another party to adopt the child, prior to the termination. If the termination of rights is involuntary, there must be a substantial showing of unfitness on the part of the parent whose rights are being terminated. Contact the family lawyers at Durrett & Kersting today to discuss your case.

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