Father's Rights in Louisville, KY

In Kentucky there is no legal presumption for the mother in a divorce or custody action. Father's have the same legal right to have parenting time with their child and to participate in their upbringing. However, fathers face unique challenges in their pursuit of parental rights. It is important to have a lawyer who not only knows and understands your rights, but is willing to fight for them. The all female law firm of Durrett & Kersting is experienced in assisting fathers with cases including custody, visitation, paternity, and child support.

Unmarried Fathers Unmarried fathers face a distinct set of challenges. Before an unmarried father can assert any rights in the Court system, he must establish that he is the biological father of the child. Paternity can be established through a DNA test or through a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity entered in to by both parties. A DNA test or an acknowledgement of paternity can be a part of a Paternity or Custody case.

Once paternity has been established, the father has established his legal rights and is entitled to address issues such as visitation, custody, and child support. The Court considers a variety of factors when determining custody and visitation, including the fitness of the father, the needs of the child, and the parties' ability to co-parent. Having a dedicated and experienced lawyer advocate for your rights can make a difference in the amount of parenting time and custody rights a father is awarded at the end of the case. Contact your Louisville family lawyer today for a free consultation.
Married Fathers The issues of parenting time, child support, and custody will be addressed in the divorce action. When a couple is in the midst of a divorce proceeding, a mother may threaten the father with never seeing the child. A father has rights to see his child, and can petition the Court to set a specific schedule to allow him parenting time. The Court may set a temporary schedule and child support amount, pending the final resolution of the case.

Often the parties will come to an agreement on the issues relating to their children in mediation. If the parties are not able to come to an agreement they have a hearing before the Court, at which time a Judge will enter an Order addressing visitation, child support and custody.

It is possible for fathers to have equal, or even more, time with their child than the mother, depending on the circumstances. It is important to demonstrate that the schedule and custody arrangement being requested by the father is in the child's best interest. The experienced female lawyers at Durrett & Kersting assist our clients in presenting the strongest possible case to the Judge, and working to ensure our client's rights as a father are protected. Contact us today for a

I'm on the birth certificate, do I still need a DNA test?

In Kentucky, having your name on the birth certificate does not indicate legal paternity of the child. Paternity must be established in a Court action, which can be done through a DNA test, or an acknowledgement of paternity. If you have questions regarding your legal rights as a father, contact your Louisville family lawyer today.

My child's mother will never let me see my child, what can I do?

If you do not have a Court ordered visitation schedule and the mother of your child will not allow you to see them, you will need to initiate a Court case and get a written schedule, enforceable by the Courts. If you already have a schedule, but the mother will not follow it you will need to motion for contempt and have the Court enforce or modify your existing schedule. If you need assistance in establishing or enforcing a visitation schedule, contact your Louisville family lawyer for a free consolation

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