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The lawyers at Durrett & Kersting in Louisville Kentucky understand that family law issues cause a great amount of stress and hardship. Our lawyers listen to our clients and provide compassionate service, while relieving the burden of navigating Family Court. The laws involving divorce, child support, child custody, visitation, division of property and debts are complicated and require skillful and knowledgeable attorneys to properly apply the law as it relates to your specific case.
We can help with your problems involving:

DIVORCE: Whether you are considering filing for divorce, or have already been served with divorce papers, it is important to contact a divorce lawyer who can help you understand your rights, and explain the divorce process to you. Learn more.
UNCONTESTED DIVORCE: Not every divorce is adversarial. In some situations, a couple is able to come to an agreement on the division of marital property and debt, the restoration of nonmarital and premarital property, and issues relating to their children. Learn more.
CHILD CUSTODY: The term "custody" is often confused with parenting time and visitation schedules. "Custody" is a legal term that refers to the ability of a parent or parents to make decisions regarding their child's upbringing, including medical, educational, and religious decisions. Learn more.
VISITATION & CHILD SUPPORT: When the parents of a child do not reside together the parties need to set a visitation schedule to ensure that both parents will be able to spend time with the child. In most cases one parent will be obligated to pay child support to the other parent. Child support is established based on KRS 403.212. Learn more.
EPO/DVO: When a person has been the victim of, or is accused of, domestic violence an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) is often issued by the Court. An Emergency Protective Order (EPO) is a temporary order of protection, put into place until a Court can hear both sides of the case. A Domestic Violence Order (DVO) is a long term Order of Protection, which can be in place up to three years. Learn more.
FATHER RIGHTS: In Kentucky there is no legal presumption for the mother in a divorce or custody action. Father's have the same legal right to have parenting time with their child and to participate in their upbringing. Learn more.
NON-PARENTAL CUSTODY: There are a wide variety of circumstances that can occur that may result in a non-parent stepping into a parental role. If you currently have a child in your care who is not your biological child, or you wish to gain custody of a non-biological child, contact the attorneys at Durrett & Kersting, PLLC to discuss your options today. The attorneys in our office are experienced in handling cases involving de facto custodianship, grandparents' rights, termination of parental rights, step-parent adoption, adoption and Child Protective Services cases. Learn More.
SAME SEX FAMILY LAW: Same-Sex Couples face a unique set of challenges in Kentucky. While the federal government began recognizing same-sex marriages based on the place of celebration after the Supreme Court of the United States found the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional in 2013, Kentucky still prohibits the recognition of same-sex marriages. Learn more.

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