Divorce Lawyers for men in Louisville, KY

Durrett And Kersting Law, PLLC. offers divorce lawyers for men in Louisville Kentucky. We understand the difficulties going through a divorce causes whether you are filing for divorce or have recently received papers. We are dedicated to helping you understand the legal process of divorce and how it pertains to your situation. Each case and family seeking a divorce is different. When you need a divorce lawyer who will listen to your story and provide you with the legal representation you need, you can depend on Durrett and Kersting Law, PLLC.
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Kentucky Divorce Law Requirements
Kentucky has resident requirements that state you must be a resident of Kentucky for 180 days prior to filing for a divorce in Kentucky. You must also be separated for 60 days to discuss the meaning of separation with your lawyer.Kentucky is a "no-fault" state, which means the reason for your divorce will not be considered by the Court.

Kentucky Divorce Rulings
Your divorce may be contested or uncontested, depending on if you and your spouse are in agreement. Even if you are in an uncontested divorce it is best to have private legal council of your own if you aren't the party who filed for the divorce. Durrett and Kersting Law, PLLC has been involved on both sides of the process and can give you clear advise about child custody laws, maintenance (formerly known as alimony), division of assets and debts, and child support. We can help you thorough filing paperwork and an abundance of counsel to best meet your needs.

Divorce lawyers for men in Louisville Kentucky will help you handle all aspects of your case. If there is not agreement between the parties involving asset division, debt division, child custody or child visitation schedules, your case may be sent to mediation to resolve differences.

Divorce Lawyers For Men In Louisville Kentucky
At Durrett & Kersting you will find attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of family law.

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